Dementia Passport offers continuing education and training to health care professionals.

The goal is to support the workforce in providing high-quality care to people living with dementia. 

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Flexible Learning


Users learn at their own pace, without being limited to a physical classroom.
Accessible on tablets, laptops and mobile devices.


Available online to any registered user with an internet connection.


The modules will feature videos, quizzes and case studies based on real-life scenarios.


Each user will receive a certificate that verifies they have successfully completed the module bundle.

Affordable eLearning Training

  • 30 day access
  • Four module topics
  • Two hours of training
  • Dementia specific
  • Flexible and convenient
  • Affordable price of $25
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The educational modules will focus on topics specifically related to dementia care, such as:

  • Charter of Rights for People with Dementia 
  • Person-Centered Care  
  • Understanding Behaviour 
  • ABC Problem Solving 
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Dementia Passport modules are interactive and fun! Every module is written by the Alzheimer Society and built to create an immersive learning experience that keeps you engaged. 

This demo is a sneak peak of Module 1: Charter of Rights for People with Dementia.

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